The World Is My Oyster

Playing with Polly
The plastic dolly
A walk in the park
Tea will Polly under a tree
Getting sticky with Polly and cream buns
Telling Polly about the nice man
We're going back to his house to watch Tom and Jerry
On the telly
He's no stranger
He's my long lost uncle from America
He told me so
Mummy won't mind
He'll drive us home
She'll be so happy to see her brother again
She'll hug and kiss him
And maybe she'll ask him to stay for dinner
Used a winch to lift her out
Haven't seen you for years
Weather's bad.
Shame about your dog
Short show
Long finale
Bloated greyish blob of flesh-like blubber slumped on a stretcher dripping
No-one touches it
It won't move
She'd been playing with Polly
He'd been playing with her
Now she looked just like Polly only she was full of water
Not air
And yeah
Half her cunt was missing
She was only four