One For The Neck

We're all looking for something to break
We're all looking for a heavenly state
Well, the culling is coming, one way or the other
I can feel it in the wind that's blinding my eyes
One fine day or in the middle of the night
Two big boys are gonna get up to fight
Well, I'll be diving for cover and double up inside
Praying for forgiveness that'll never arrive

My, my, what a beautiful place
Who is first to destroy the human race
I've got faith, what do you say
1, 2, 3, and it's a beautiful day
My, my, here's one for the neck
Don't relax, 'cos you're next for the check
I've got faith - we're armed to the teeth
But I've got a strange and a stupid believe

We're looking for a little salvation
What I got, it's a living domination
Big world, wild eyes, shiny boots, and broken ties
Government progress, what do you get? less
Why do you want to hear about the state of my mind
Well, I would see it in their pupils
They got no schools
Oh, what a way to go