It Tolls For Thee

I like to get down on my anus
And ask god to enlarge my penis
I sing the praise of this song to you
Cause I want to have one that's as big as you
I don't care I'm a mindless fuck
Give me a tube and I'm ready to suck
The big right wing, the big right wrist
As getting sore from rubbing that thing
I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting...
Just waiting...

Republican like a South African
Cut me open and see my hate
On your knees I hear you say please
And on your neck it's squeeze, squeeze, squeeze
I got my job, car and money to burn
My hands are clean when I cut off your balls
I got a muscle in the back of my neck
Rub the little muscle in the back of my neck
God, I feel healthy, I feel fine
That sweet little conillions, mine, mine, mine
Gang rape, no escape
Then put you down and bait, bait, bait
Waiting... you are waiting!

I'm Pigbreath, I'm Pigbreath