Welcome back
Here we go again
A beautiful girl and some dirty old men
Before we continue the task at hand
Let's go ahead and introduce the band

From the land of volcanoes
The lovely Lucia
Her voice will fill you with wonder and fear
She screams like a banshee and she moves like a cat
I could tell you much more but let's leave it at that

The lords of lard
The mighty swine
He loves manchego and a bottle of wine
Also known as Raymond Watts
He screams out his lungs while his brain slowly rots

The one and only
The great Steve White
His morals are loose but his shirts are tight
Challenged by few
Rivaled by none
He's a low down dirty son of a gun

This is the biscuit's crux
Solid rock against the flux
Ultra-Heavy beat deluxe
KMFDM forever sucks

Here's your voice from the underground
Get ready for another round
Nothing new it's the same old shit
It it works this good why fuck with it

Andy Selway the master of skins
Often found screwing chicks behind bins
His hobbies include but aren't limited to
Things you and I would rather not do

And here we have Jules
The king of guitar
He's only at home when he's inside a bar
Rings and spikes and chains and tattoos
He breeds new lifeforms inside his shoes

I am Kapt'n K.
The korruptor of youth
My word is gospel of the honest truth
I am the father of industrial rock
And if you don't believe me
You can suck my glock